Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm still working on it.

I've still been chugging along. I am almost done, the two mounting blocks are left and a few holes to drill. I hope to be done by the middle of next week.

The one thing I definitely learned while doing this is metal work is so much slower that wood work, and only getting about an hour and half a night makes for slow going. I've made a few mistakes none that really affect to much, but I'm getting more familiar with the machines and the techniques.

I have gotten a few emails asking about the sketchup model, and for a copy of it. I will be happy to post it for anyone who wants it. But I need to clean it up first. Look for it in a week or so.

And also the thing to remember is that this is for a 12"-14" (34-350) table saw. For the most part it's the same as the 10" unisaw, but the parts for the 10" are smaller, so if you decide to make one of these you'll have to scale the model down.

If someone does make one of these for the the 10" and wants to share their model I would be happy to post it here or link to it.

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