Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just about done. I did a little clean up and drilled a few holes after the picture was taken but here are the parts basically done. (I don't know why it's rotated blogger keeps spinning it)

I am waiting for larger shoulder bolts to come in. I accidentally drilled the holes in the link arm a little to big so instead of 1/4" shoulder bolts I need 5/16". Not a big deal but a few days of waiting. I took all the parts home last night and will clean them up tonight and paint them. I need to mic the riving knife and the table saw blade to make sure the knife is not to thick. If it is I plan to run it through my drum sander a few times to thin it out.

I'll snap a few pics tonight as I work on it. I hope to get it installed this weekend. If everything goes as planned I'll have a working riving knife by Saturday evening. If not well...

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